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First Aid Conversations about Suicide


Suicide is one of the most common causes of premature death in Switzerland:

In 2017, 1043 people died from suicide - and the number of people who attempted suicide or had suicidal thoughts is much higher.

At the same time, in our society, having suicidal thoughts is still a major taboo: affected people shy away from talking openly about their thoughts and are often plagued by feelings of guilt.

And even people close to them are often afraid to bring up the subject of suicide, because they believe that this could lead them to take their own lives. Or, they simply do not know how to express their fears. 

There are first aid measures that everyone can learn to help people in suicidal crisis:

The First Aid Conversations about Suicide is a 4 hour course that teaches participants to assist people in suicidal crisis until professional support arrives.

Language currently the course is only available in German

Format classroom course or webinar

Duration 4 hours (excluding breaks)

Costs CHF 150.- (including course material)

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No. 2604
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Operator: Stiftung Pro Mente Sana

Dawa Schläpfer


16:00 - 20:30

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17:00 - 21:30

No. 2605
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Operator: Stiftung Pro Mente Sana


17:00 - 21:30